Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Classroom, October Currently, and a Freebie!

It has been FOREVER since I have blogged, but I read other blogs everyday!  I promise!  This summer  I posted about moving to 1st grade and I absolutely LOVE it!  I have been so consumed with working on my room and getting back into "primary teacher mode" that I haven't blogged at all!

So here is my new room!!!

Our Fall Door!

The front of my classroom! I LOVE my new rug!

I did change the cubbies for my Daily 5 buckets. 

 Focus Wall
I love how organized it is!  I have also added more to this.  

You can grab any of my Focus Wall Sets Here!

Calendar Wall
This is just a quick reminder for students and I have added more to it.  
We complete all of our calendar on the ActivBoard each day. 

FREE!! Days of the Week Posters! 

 Reading Chair and Book Bucket


Small Group Table
I have already moved this to the back of the room!

 Classroom Library

 Our Bucket Filler Area

 My organization area! 
I love how everything has a place!

Pick Me and Star Student Sticks 

 Lunch Choice
This works great!
I have one student who announces our main lunch choice everyday. 

 Writing Area

My kids love this area! 

Word Wall 


My CAFE headers are from Faith Wheeler!

 Math Wall 

the number posters are from Christine Statzel!

Student Work Area

 Behavior Clipchart from A Cupcake for the Teacher!
This works great!

 Classroom Jobs!

Classroom Mirror and Leader sign! 
I will post this sign as a FREEBIE soon! 

Outside my classroom! 

I will also post this as a Freebie soon!

I hope you enjoyed my classroom tour!  I am so in love with my new room and my first graders! 
They make me laugh everyday!

Now here's my October Currently!

Happy Wednesday!