Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lot's of Learning this Week & a Digital Paper Giveaway!

This will be our first full week back since Christmas break and we have lots to do!  This post is a little "peek" into our first full week back and I would like to reflect at the end of the week to see if the students accomplished everything I wanted them to! 

We will begin our week by reading an article from Scholastic News and working on main ideas and supporting details.  The article discusses having wild animals as pets and I have included an On-Demand Freebie below that I created to go along with the article. 

We will also be reading My Great Grandmother's Gourd by Cristina Kessler from our Treasures reading book.  With this story we will be working on main ideas and supporting details and comparing and contrasting two characters (more on this later).  

I use the Daily Five in my classroom and my students LOVE it!  To supplement the reading, writing, and language arts skills we have been working on, the students will be completing the following activities during the Daily Five rotations. 

Read to Self:  Students read their AR books of choice and complete a question card fan from Runde's Room.  The students choose one question and write their response in their journals (these pictures are from the fans she has made because mine are already laminated and at school!).  My students love these fans! Here is a post from her blog about them {Post}. 

Word Work: My students will be working on reviewing suffixes from my Suffix Mini-Unit and working on main ideas and details from this Main Idea Pack from Tracy Tegeler.  If my students complete their word work activities, they can work on their spelling homework for the week.  The students will also complete activities from on main ideas and details.  If you have not used this website you are missing out! It's free and has tons of resources!

*Note: I have put the main ideas and details activity with word work instead of read to self because we have started a new nine weeks and I want my students to have enough AR reading time. 

Work on Writing: Since on demand writing is HUGE in 5th grade, I have created an on demand stand alone prompt to go along with the Scholastic News article they are reading.  
*Students do not have to read the article to respond to the writing prompt.*  Click on the link below to grab yours for FREE! 

Read to Someone: My students will be reading their AR books to a partner and completing a question from the question fans from Runde's Room (found above).  They will record their answers in their reading/writing journal. 

I will also be throwing in some context clue activities close to the end of the week. 

My newest obsession...Digital Paper Sets!  I have started making these and I just finished up a new one this weekend!  You can get my Lot's of Love Valentine set HERE and my Wildflower and Chevron set HERE

I love I'm giving away BOTH of these sets to 4 lucky winners!! 
My Valentine set includes 66 digital papers and my Wildflower and Chevron set includes 30 digital papers! 

If you would like to win these two digital paper pack sets just follow by blog and TPT store for two chances to win!  Leave a comment telling me you did and your email! 

I will choose a winner Monday night at 9pm!

Have a great week!


  1. I LOVE your wildflower backgrounds. So cute!! I'm a follower of your blog and store :)
    Stories by Storie

  2. Your pages are so bright and colorful. I love them! I follow your TPT store and blog.

  3. I am impressed by your Daily Five organization. I am just starting to dabble in it this year and want to develop my procedures more and more, so it's nice to see how other people do it.

    Your digital paper looks great. Thanks for sharing!
    Compassionate Teacher

  4. Congrats! Storie, Maria, and Becky you are the winners! I will send both digital paper sets your way tomorrow!


  5. I'm your newest follower! Sad that I missed the giveaway, but I'm glad to have found another upper grades teacher. I'm a Title I Reading Specialist for grades 3-5, and I can't wait to see your ideas!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

  6. Hi Kim! I just started following your TPT store and your blog! :) I love your digital paper packs...Absolutely adorable. Thanks for the chance to win! Have a great day!


  7. Oops! Just realized the giveaway was over on Monday (meaning yesterday!) My days are all mixed up! :)


  8. You have a special place in the heart of the Teaching Blog Circle! I invite you to stop by and learn more... Your blog has inspired and helped me :)
    The Teacher's Chair