Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Currently & April in the Making Linky!!

Another month flew by again and I have been too busy!!  I'm so excited things are slowing down and I can blog more!

Currently I am...

Link up with Farley to share your Currently!!

Mrs. Kelly from Mrs. Kelly's Klass is hosting a FUN linky called April in the Making!! 

1. April Favorite:  I LOVE Easter, the message it brings, and special times with family and friends.  Especially this little cutie!!! My niece is SO adorable! 


2. April in my Classroom: Test Prep! Test Prep! Test Prep!  We have 4 weeks before our kids take the state test and we will be reviewing reading and writing skills!  I am currently working on centers to review language skills.  

3. April "Must Have": My "style" board on Pinterest to be real!  I love spring/summer clothes! 

4. April "Make It": I am working on centers for my kids to use to review language skills.  I am also trying to finish my Prefix/Suffix Pack.  Where is my motivation?!  I will share when I finish them! 

5. April Goal:  I want to blog more!  My goal is not only to blog more, but to share how I incorporate reading, writing, language, and Daily 5 into my classroom! 

Happy Spring!


  1. Hi! I am new to the blogging world and this is my first "currently". I love your blog! My goal is to eventually have a blog like this! A trip to the beach sounds wonderful right now! I totally agree that the school year is going way too fasT!

  2. You have my dream job....to spend ALL DAY teaching literacy?? I would LOVE that...it'll never happen where I work though. Our "literacy teachers" spend most of their time prepping materials rather than working with kids.

  3. I understand what you mean about test prep! That is all we will be focusing on when we return from Spring Break! Make it fun! That is how I survived!

    Good luck!

    Reading Toward the Stars

  4. Yuck to testing. We just finished round one of reading. Good Luck!

    Chickadee Jubilee

  5. I'm needing to tackle my huge "to do" list as well!
    Teacher Gone Digital

  6. :) I need some motivation as well. I'm on Spring break right now but heading into school to tackle the shelves of resources today. I seriously need some motivation since I'm still in my pajamas, merely thinking about it :)


    Fun in the Fours

  7. I would definitely love to read about how you incorporate Daily 5 into your literacy program!

  8. Oh, I could surely use a trip to the beach. I could lay there all day and do absolutely nothing. Then, I would come home and stress about my to-do list! :)

    Adventures in First with Mrs. Key