Saturday, November 2, 2013

November Currently & Happy Fall!

It's November!  This school year has flown by and it's Currently time!

This one of my favorite fall pins! 

A Yummy Pin! I love roasted pumpkin seeds! 

Hope you enjoy your weekend and this fabulous fall weather!!  Link up with Farley!


  1. Pumpkin seeds are tasty. There weren't enough of them in our pumpkin to really do anything so had to buy some. I'd love the chalkboard print but I am seriously allergic to something that comes round in October so while I love the IDEA of fall … the actual execution not so much. :P
    I'm the teacher librarian at our school so I see everyone. 1st grade is a fun time!

  2. I LOVE roasted pumpkin seeds!!! I always thought everyone roasted their pumpkin seeds but when we moved to NC from WI two years ago, people here had never heard of it, so we had to introduce them to this awesome, once-a-year, treat :)

  3. We're also a college football (and Patriots) weekend watching family. Just finished watching the Georgia/Florida game in fact. I have to stash some pumpkin seeds in the cupboard so my son doesn't eat them all up!
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  4. I'm with you on loving the fall weather! It's finally getting cool here is SoCal, yay!!!

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