Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pass the Torch!!

I had the opportunity to use the Reading Olympians program from Julie and Krista at The Reading Olympians.  I started the program before spring break and my kids LOVED it!  We go back tomorrow and I will be continuing the program for the next four weeks before we take the state test.

This program teaches students about prefixes, suffixes, and root words.  I started by reviewing what prefixes, suffixes, and roots are.  Then we started with the Nike set of words.  It is close to testing and we will be taking posters off of the walls soon, so I choose to make a word wall on chart paper with the kids and add examples for each prefix, suffix, and root.

Then I had the students begin working on their journal.  This is a GREAT learning tool for the students!  They are able to illustrate a picture, write a definition, list words for the prefix, suffix, or root, and use a word in a sentence.

When students complete each set of ten, then they take an assessment.  If they pass, they receive an award and move onto the next set.  We will be completing the Nike set this week!

This is a GREAT program!  I can't wait to complete the program.   I have taught my kids for two years (I moved up with them) and they loved our unit on Mythology, so this really grabbed their attention!

Get Ready for Bloggy Olympics!!!

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Pass the Torch!!!
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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Currently & April in the Making Linky!!

Another month flew by again and I have been too busy!!  I'm so excited things are slowing down and I can blog more!

Currently I am...

Link up with Farley to share your Currently!!

Mrs. Kelly from Mrs. Kelly's Klass is hosting a FUN linky called April in the Making!! 

1. April Favorite:  I LOVE Easter, the message it brings, and special times with family and friends.  Especially this little cutie!!! My niece is SO adorable! 


2. April in my Classroom: Test Prep! Test Prep! Test Prep!  We have 4 weeks before our kids take the state test and we will be reviewing reading and writing skills!  I am currently working on centers to review language skills.  

3. April "Must Have": My "style" board on Pinterest to be real!  I love spring/summer clothes! 

4. April "Make It": I am working on centers for my kids to use to review language skills.  I am also trying to finish my Prefix/Suffix Pack.  Where is my motivation?!  I will share when I finish them! 

5. April Goal:  I want to blog more!  My goal is not only to blog more, but to share how I incorporate reading, writing, language, and Daily 5 into my classroom! 

Happy Spring!